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Emma Lejal GlaudeML Product Manager

Emma joined Swisscom as a Master Thesis student at the Digital Lab, focusing on Fairness in Classification. She later became the first data scientist for the HR department, exploring the opportunities lying in the HR data and promoting fairness and diversity initiatives. She now shares the lead of a team aimed at promoting and implementing Machine Learning initiatives in the entire organisation and the supervision of the research projects, in particular the Master Thesis.

Andreea HossmannML Product Manager

Andreea Hossmann is responsible for the development of data products as Principal Product Manager for Data, Analytics and AI at Swisscom. She is also a Venture Associate, working with Swisscom Ventures to assess AI startups worldwide. Prior to her Product Management career, Andreea was a Senior Data Scientist, before assembling and leading a Data Science team to work on AI topics, such as natural language understanding and search. She is an experienced researcher with a background in applied machine learning, network science and computer networking from her PhD education at ETH Zürich.

Natalie Bolon BrunData Scientist

Natalie joined Swisscom as a Master Thesis student at the Digital Lab, focusing on Churn Detection and more generally on Classification under High-class Imbalance. She later joined the Flywheel ML Engineering team as a data scientist and helps supervise the technical aspects of Master Thesis projects.


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