Recent Publications

February 2019

Kaicheng Yu Martin Jaggi Claudiu Musat Mathieu Salzmann Christian Sciuto

Evaluating the Search Phase of Neural Architecture Search

Neural Architecture Search (NAS) aims to facilitate the design of deep networks for new tasks. Existing techniques rely on two stages: searching over the architecture space and validating the best architecture. Evaluating NAS algorithms is currently solely done by comparing their results on the downstream task.

November 2018

Ignacio Aguado Andreea Hossmann Michael Baeriswyl Claudiu Musat Bojan Petrovski

Embedding Individual Table Columns for Resilient SQL Chatbots

Accessing databases requires specialized knowledge of the Structured Query Language (SQL), putting them out of the reach of many people. A recent research thread in Natural Language Processing (NLP) aims to alleviate this problem

August 2018

Christian Abbet Meryem M'hamdi Claudiu Musat Michael Baeriswyl Andreea Hossmann Athanasios Giannakopoulos

Churn Intent Detection in Multilingual Chatbot Conversations and Social Media

We propose a new method to detect when users express the intent to leave a service, also known as churn. While previous work focuses solely on social media, we show that this intent can be detected in chatbot conversations.

July 2018

Claudiu Musat Vladimir Ilievski Andreea Hossmann Michael Baeriswyl

Goal-Oriented Chatbot Dialog Management Bootstrapping with Transfer Learning

Goal-Oriented (GO) Dialogue Systems, colloquially known as goal oriented chatbots, help users achieve a predefined goal (e.g. book a movie ticket) within a closed domain. A first step is to understand the user’s goal by using natural language understanding techniques.

February 2018

Andreea Hossmann Michael Baeriswyl Andre Cibils Claudiu Musat

Diverse Beam Search for Increased Novelty in Abstractive Summarization

Text summarization condenses a text to a shorter version while retaining the important informations. Abstractive summarization is a recent development that generates new phrases, rather than simply copying or rephrasing sentences within the original text.

January 2018

Claudiu Musat Andreea Hossmann Michael Baeriswyl Kamil Bennani-Smires

GitGraph - Architecture Search Space Creation through Frequent Computational Subgraph Mining

The dramatic success of deep neural networks across multiple application areas often relies on experts painstakingly designing a network architecture specific to each task. To simplify this process and make it more accessible, an emerging research effort seeks to automate the design.

February 2019

Claudiu Musat

Overcoming Multi-model Forgetting

We identify a phenomenon, which we refer to as multi-model forgetting, that occurs when sequentially training multiple deep networks with partially-shared parameters; the performance of previously-trained models degrades as one optimizes a subsequent one, due to the overwriting of shared parameters.