Research-AI Team

Our activities

The Swisscom Digital Lab offers a unique environment for innovation and allows Master students and interns to get hands on experience in a project or thesis that takes place at the frontier between research and industry. Master students have the constraint of delivering state-of-the-art results while also satisfying the industry's needs by delivering products to the Swisscom teams. Currently using agile methodology with tools such as JIRA, we also quickly move towards software engineering, for example Test-Driven-Development to ensure high quality in the code we deliver. Always working in short time-frames imposed by the students rhythm (6 months thesis). We are always renewing our knowledge and are eager to take on new projects.


Our range of activity is wide and ranges from a large panel of NLP tasks to Image classification while also touching lesser known subject such as multi-objective optimisation. We also closely collaborate with the Swisscom Speech team who leads many students projects in this domain.

Entity Identification
Intent Extraction
Sentiment Analysis
Speech Recognition
Text Summarization
Language Translation

Current Status

Students at the lab are currently working on recommender systems, dialect identification, SQL queries clustering and iterative self-learning. We are currently unable to provide the demos for the project. Would you have any questions, feel free to drop an e-mail to

Claudiu Musat
Research Director

Emma Lejal-Glaude
Data Scientist

Alexandros Lazaridis
Speech Research Director

Isaac Leimgruber
Data Scientist