Swisscom Digital Lab

Our research space at the EPFL Innovation Park

Our Mission

We support the Swisscom strategy through applied research ML projects towards having the Best Network and the Best Customer Experience. Each project is motivated by a concrete business challenge and is followed closely by internal stakeholders.

Our Approach

At the Digital Lab, we identify relevant hot research topics and trends in ML and adapt state-of- the-art techniques to internal use cases with the help of our academic partners by leveraging our rich data assets.


Master Projects

Outcome evaluation


We explore ML approaches through a series of master projects where students devise methods inspired from state-of-the-art and apply them on our data. ll relevant, yet more accessible way.
After each 6-month iteration we evaluate the outcome. In agreement with our internal stakeholders we choose one of the following paths: If the results are promising, we either decide to pursue another master project considering other approaches and angles, or we invest in a longer-term research project with one of our academic partners for improving state-of-the-art with a focus on our specifics. Finally, when the problem is too hard we restate it in a still relevant, yet more accessible way.
If the results are satisfactory, we develop a MVP with a high chance of internal adoption.

Having a global view of all the projects enables us to identify methods that can be applied to many of our use cases. For this reason, we invest time and effort to gain expertise in these topics. Notably, we are actively investigating:

We work closely with various Swiss Academic partners.

We have a privileged relation with EPFL, most of the master students working on our projects are enrolled in EPFL, and we are involved in several long-term research projects with EPFL labs.
Other partners (past and present) include IDIAP, HES-SO, ZHAW, etc.



Swisscom Digital Lab
EPFL Innovation Park, Building F, 3rd floor
CH-1015 Lausanne